F1RC vs RS3

  • From BrunoB RS3 Lab
    After many hours testdriving the RS3 on Silverstone I jumped back to F1RC just to check the difference. That was pretty boring! Without realising it I have got accustomed to a carbehavior that is much more hysteric and lively both when you are cornering or going flat out. In the F1RC it now feels like the car are going down Hangar Straight as a kind of train on rails. I just checked the ABS and Anti-Sliding: both 50%. The difference must be the amount of parameters the sims are able to compute. It feels like a car in F1RC get a lot less input from the “environment” than a car in RS3. And if a car dont get so much “push and pull” from the outside then of course its reaction will be that less.
    Then I got an idea. It is possible to make a very direct comparisment of the two sims by using a ghost from F1RC in RS3. And driving in RS3 just behind a F1RC-ghost using the same setup allows you to realize how unrealistic not only the speed but also the behavior of the F1RC-car looks. And the new RS3 “shaking on curbs” is only one of the differences. A kind of gimmic that got me out in the sand when i first discovered it is that the antenna on the RS3-car sometimes is pushed down by the windpressure (I use the 2002carset-textures). But maybe its possible to have the same gimmic in F1RC. The worst “bug” i have discovered in RS3 is that in telemetry you are unable to get a totalview of the circuit. You are only allowed to se a small part of it. And that is pretty silly if you are trying to deduce why the car behaved strange on a distinct spot on the circuit. The reason is possibly that Ubisoft is too afraid of the layers of the FIA to get a lawsuit because they have used most of the F1-circuits. But hopefully a clever programmer will be able to throw out a nice little patch for this problem. That is all for now from the Lab. BrunoB