Mitlehner und RS3

  • Wo bist Sven Mitlehner gewesen?

    Ich habe ein Bitte(!) für die Autor von F1RC-Master Editor. Wo bist du nun dass wir ein bisschen editation der editor fehlt. Die RS3 brauchen dir! Doch weil mein schreiben in Deutch ist sehr schlecht (ich verstehe es) ist die fortsetzung im english.
    I am a F1RC-enthusiast from Dänemark, who have used your F1RC-Master Editor v1.4/1.5 for about 2 years. And I think its a fantastic tool. You have done a nice job programming it. I have used it mainly for im/export of carshapes and textures. And i am therefore very satisfied that you have supplied the editor with im/export facilities for the 3DS carshape format. I have used an older 3ds Max Editor for the carshapes to f.eks trying to recreate Coulthards 1994 Renault Williams CVT Test Car (automatic gear), to use it in F1RC. And the facilities to im/export textures without (ohne) the dilettantic copying every tex into 4 different sizes before you can use it in the sim, is very professional. Because that is what you have to do in the other editors I have tried.
    But, but, but. Now that the follower for F1RC, the RS3 from Ubisoft have arrived I am in trouble. And eventhought everybody can see its more a patch than a new F1 sim, then in my oppinion it is a step nearer realism concerning the car-physics. And because of this more realistic car-behavior I have changed to RS3. But now its impossible for me to use all the carchapes and cartextures I troublesome have made with your F1RC Master Editor!
    But the good thing could bee, that because the code in RS3 is so close to F1RC it is closely (nahezu) possible to use the F1RC Master Editor for RS3!
    I discovered that the binaere code in f.eks the RS3 MechaCar.mfd is so close to F1RC´s that I succeded in copying a custom steering wheel characteristic made in F1RC with the Master Editor to RS3 with a hex-editor. The parameters are named “commands.sensibility_1/2/3” in both MechaCar.mfs. I didnt change any values from F1RC to RS3! It was only the location of the values that is a bit different. But because all the parameter names is precicely the same in RS3 as in F1RC it was possible even for me to find and replace them.
    My “Bitte für sie” is therefore to persuate you (überreden) to change the F1RC Master Editor to an RS3 Master Editor. But without changing any of all the facilities in the editor. I know enought about programming to know that even as it sounds as an easy task it is supposedly not that easy. But anyway. And eventhough you was fed up with some ignorant idiots in the F1RC community (the interview with you), just think about that a lot of places in the F1RC-community (f.eks in Denmark) your editor is valuated as a the best and most recommendably for F1RC. How about making the same professional tool for RS3?
    Sorry about the lenght of this persuation. But I am very interessted in your editor.
    With best recards. BrunoB.