• I sale the two best tickets for the F-1 Spanish GP located in the Main Grandstand. The tickets are valid for the 4 days (thursday:open gates day, friday and saturday:trainings, sunday:race).
    Located in front of pits, it offers a perfect view of tyres change and refuelling, as well as the starting grid, the finish and the podium ceremony. It also offers an excellent view of the last turn coming into the main straight, one of the fastest and most difficult on the Circuit. Recommended gate: 3
    Parking place included everyday.
    Somebody will can offer to you another localities in the same area, but not as well located as these ones. They are located exactly in front of the box of renault and mclaren, and exactly in front of the podium. You won't lose anything of the most importants moment of the event. Big screen located in front of your place.
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